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Archived from September 29th

A big thank you to the ground staff this week. A good mix of targets with a couple of tough stands thrown in for good measure.

The simmo pair on the far bottom field and the narrow windowed crosser with a tree trunk spoiling the view both needed the reflexes of a teenager, IIt seems that yours truly (Len) topped the scoreboard this week with a very pleasing 61, Bob Warder took the silver spot just one target behind.

Bronze went to Geoff Pomroy with an excellent 57, just one off his personal best. Great shooting Geoff. Handicap gold went to Trevor Griffiths who beat his average by 8 points. He must have given that auto of his a serious talking to as it's not making many mistakes these days.

My 61 took the Hamdicap silver with Peter Marsh taking the bronze with a best ever score of 42. A great improvement Peter, keep up the good work.

Len also took the gold at South Worcester with 76 broken clays. Geoff Pomroy took the Silver with 63 and John Griffiths coaxed 55% out of his splendid little 28 gauge. That score took JG to the top of the Handicap scoreboard with Len taking silver and Geoff taking the bronze. An excellent day's shooting at both grounds.


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