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Archived from February 14th


A wet start to the day which clearly thinned our ranks for the morning shoot at Butlers. Fortunately it had just about stopped by the time we started shooting.  A good set of targets again with scores that sugested that most of us found at least one bogey stand which kept our scores down. The exception was Chris Arthur who took the scratch topspot again with a superb score of 65 that beat Len Sandford's runner up spot by 6 clear targets. We obviously have a new star rising amongst us.Third place went to Drew Beaumont who's 58 beat Julian Waszczak's and Steve Honner's similar scores on handicap adjustment. Chris's clear winning margin also won him the Handicap Gold medal. SIver place went to  Drew Beaumont with Suzanne Small taking the handicap third spot. Well shot Suzi.

 Another tight shoot down at South Worcester with some testing targets. Len took the scratch topspot with a very pleasing 82 broken clays beating both Geoff Pomroy and Jonathan Thornton by 2 targets. Geoff took the runner up spot on handicap difference leaving J.T. in third place. Once again, the  handicap scores mirrored the Scratch results. 


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