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Archived from April 17th


Tony Gray is back home but feeling like he has been run over by a bus. Each message he sends suggests that he is feeling a little better each day. Considering the surgery he has been through, that indicates he is recovering well.

Some nice scores in at Butlers last week with 6 shooters scoring over 80%.  Scratch Gold was won by Bob Warder who's 67 represented a 89% hit rate. Well shot Bob. Runner up was Geoff Pomroy just two targets less with Dave Salter just one target behind Geoff.  Handicap scores were vey tight with less than a single point between the first 3.  Gold was won by Mark Reacord closely followed by Chris Monk, just half a point behind. Bronze placed was Dave Salter who was just 0.75 of a pont behind the winner. Some superb and dire shooting at South Worcester. Dave Salter was back on his best form at South Worcester where he logged his best score for 5 years. His 92 easily won the day with Jonathan Skeldings excellent 80 taking runner up. Scratch third was Len Sandford who spent most of the afternoon explaining to onlookers what 'Bugger' meant in shooting terminology. Dave's scratch Gold spot just pipped Jonathan on the handicap front with Len  finishing third. Can I give an early plug to Ian Butler's most generous gesture to those of us who are members of the H&W shooting club. To say a thank you to all of us who have supported his Ground, Ian will be organising a Hog Roast on the afternoon of  Wednesday the 18th of September. It will be free to those of us who are club members but guests and non-members can join us but there will be a one-off charge of £10.00 for the visitors. Having enjoyed Ian's hospitality a few times over the years, I would expect this to be a very pleasant afternoon.  


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