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Archived from March 6th


Another miserable morning but personally, I enjoyed a good.shoot. (History shows that I'm good at low scores but my number came up last week). My 56 took the top spot though Chris Arthur, who only shot 73 targets was only one target behind after a rounding up on his average left me with a single kill advantage.. Chris took the Silver spot. Eric Hall took the scratch Bronze position. Robert Wilson bought out a 20g and easily took the Handicao Gold position. A message there I'm sure.  Handicap silver position was won by Mark Reacord leaving Dave Gee to fill in the Handicap third place. Another close competition at

South Worcester with Jonathan Skelding taking the scratch topspot with 81 broken targets. Len S was runner up just two targets behind. Geoff Pomroy finished third with a score of 75.  Jonathan's scratch score also won him the Handicap topspot. Len was handicap runner-up with John Griffiths filling in the third place with his super little 28g. A good afternoon's sport.


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