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Archived from February 28th


 Firstly,Apologies for a late report, my fault. I can report that Bob and Ian had a social meet at the ground last week and I believe our card was deliverered. Will keep you posted on any other news as and when I get it. Regarding Ian's recent retirement message, I know exactly how he feels as I made a similar announcement at my place of work last autumn. I think he will do well to extract himself from 40 odd years of commitment in only 10 months. but good luck to him. He has built a superb business choosing to invest his spare profits into improving his shooting facilities rather than following the more conventional materialistic route.

Back to shooting now.  Shane is putting on an excellent mix of targets. With steady drizzle and  no earth shattering scores on the scratch front again this week,. Geoff Pomroy's Gold winning  60 pipped Julian's 60 into the Silver medal position on their marginal handicap differene. Well done Geoff. Bronze place went to Simon Honeyborne just two hits behind. The handicap results highlighted a couple of outstanding results. Peter Johnson took the Gold medal by beating his handicap by over 5 and a half points, he was closely followed by his squad mate Eric Hall who was just a point and a half behind. Two outstanding performances on a very tricky shoot. Geoff Pomroy's winning score could only make third place.

South Worcester was equally damp. It did not seem to affect Tony Gray's performance who's gun upgrade has clearly improved his performance. His 79 took the Gold spot  with Geoff Pomroy just one target behind in silver position. Jon skelding finished the places with a very close 76 kills. Another good days shooting all round..  


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