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Archived from February 21st


Fellow Dodgers, I have only just learned the sad news that Bob Warder lost his wife recently. I am told that Diane died suddenly while at home with Bob and their son. Few of us can imagine what Bob went through at the time or what he has been going through since. All I can do is pass on the deepest, heartfelt condolences of all his friends and colleagues at the shooting ground. We all look forward to the time when he feels ready to join us again.                                                                                                      

 Back to more mundane matters. Another wet start to the day which once again kept the turnout and the scores low at both grounds. Once again, a good set of targets at Butlers. Top scratch score went to Len S with a very modest 56 broken targets. SIlver place went to Julian Waszczak with a score of 53. Bronze place was won by Chris Arthur just a single target behind.  Handicap Gold went to Dave nightingale who beat his average by just half a target.  Len took the siliver place just a fraction behind. Dave and Len were the only two shooters to beat their average scores.  Bob Jordan took the handicap third spot less than half a point behind Len.

Just three of us at South Worcester. Top score was another extremely modest 72 kills. Tony Gray was runner up with 66 targets broken with John Griffith's little 28g managing to break  only 60% of his targets.  Len's score was also the best Handicap score with John G's 28g taking the runner up spot. Lets all hope that more clement weather greets us this coming week.  


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