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Archived from March 27th


The day was marred by the news that one of our member's (mainly at South Worcester) Tony Gray, had suffered what he described as a 'small' heart attack and that he was in hospital awaiting tests and treatment.  As I write, that remains the position. It seems that the reduced staffing levels over the Easter break has meant that his heart condition and any proposed treatment cannot be assessed until staffing levels return to normal. He is very frustrated.

Back to the shooting. A miserable cold and wet day with only the most silly of us braving the weather.  The morning started with a brief hail shower which it repeated regularly throughout the day. Despite the testing elements, some very good scores were returned at Mr Butlers.  Bob Jordan scored a super 65 to take the scratch Gold medal. He was closely followed by Chris Arthur's excellent 64 which took the scratch Silver place.  Simon Honeyborne took the third place with 61 broken clays. Bob's score was almost 13 targets better than his average and also won him the Handicap Gold medal. He beat Malcolm Speer's excellent handicap score by just one and a half points. Chris Arthur took the Handicap Bronze place with a score that beat his average by over 6 points. Well done everyone.

 Bad weather and Tony's absence left only John Griffiths and myself shooting at South Worcester.  Scores were dire. I was the scratch winner and John took the Handicap top score so the resuts were evenly distributed. 


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