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Archived from May 1st


Once again some excellent scores logged this week. Chris Arthur was at his very best and took the scratch Gold medal with 69 kills, the best score returned by anyone this year. Magnificent shooting Chris.  Runner up, with a mighty 67 targets destroyed, was Dave Salter, which left Bob Warder in third place with 64 dusted targets. A fine set of results.  

The handicap scores were equally good. The Gold medal was won by David Nightingale who's 63 was his best score this year and was over 11 better than his average. Handicap runner up was Nigel Jordan who's 51 hits  was another annual best which beat his own average by over 9 targets. Chris's 69 took the Handicap third spot.  South Worcester saw some excellent scores too. Top gun was a fresh shooter, Mike Williams who accompanied Phil Collins to the shoot. Mike's excellent score of 86 took the scratch top spot. beating Dave Salter by just two targets.This was an excellent score for a shooter who was not familiar with any of the targets. Len lost two kills on a recount but his 82 still took third place on the scratch score sheet. Handicap top spot went to the mighty 28g of  John Griffiths who beat his average by a massive 15 points. Handicap runner up was Len who beat his average by over 9 points. Jon Skelding took the third place. It was great to see Phil Collins back at the ground. Phil had not shot for two years due to health problems but returned in good form and good spirits finding only two of the twenty targets on offer too elusive. A promising return Phil.but a bit more practice required.

Tony Gray continues to recover from his heart surgery and once again buttoned and scored every stand. 


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