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Archived from September 1st

September 1st

A great day weatherwise and not a bad days targets either. Bob Warder's 60 dusted clays took the scratch gold with Gary Griffiths taking silver by being just a single target behind. Dave Nightingale's 57 beat Bob Jordan's 57 to the bronze medal on handicap difference.

David's scratch bronze turned to gold when the handicap scores were assessed. His excellent 57 beat his average by 7 targets and comfortably took the handicap top spot. Gary Griffiths was only a couple of points behind to make it two silver medals for his much improved performance. Bob Warder took the handicap bronze.

As an aside, Gary had glued a rather Heath Robinson type of attachment to his forsight which effectively corrected a left eye dominence problem that had plagued him for a couple of years. Have a look at it when you get the chance. It certainly seemed to work for him last week.

Only two of us at South Worcester but from my perspective, the sandwiches alone are worth the trip even if there's no-one else to shoot with. (In that case a buttoner is always available) We still had an enjoyable shoot.

Len scraped into the gold spot with a modest 72 breaks with Trevor just 3 behind. On the handicap front, Trevor's score beat his average by 6 points to take the topspot by a massive difference of 14 breaks. Well done Trev. Once agian, a cracking afternoons sport and it's a pity we weren't able to share it with a few more of you.


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