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Archived from September 1st

September 1st

Apologies again for the belated scores and commentary last week. I've had a hectic couple of weeks with barely enough time to sleep let alone fulfil my CDA duties.

My summertime commitments are now fully wound up and I'm now back to regular shooting for the winter, (sad isn't it!).

I was an hour late last week due to hearing tests, (you what? I hear you all reply). but I still got a full round in. Last week's top spot went to He Li who tied with Gary Griffiths with a score of 61. Li won by 0.3 of a hit due to a better handicap score.

Bronze medal was won by 'yours truly' with a score of 57. Over 60 was a good score last week.

The top scratch scores also took the top two handicap places with Ian Jeffries taking the Hanfdicap bronze with ahis best score of the year. His 55 was 6 points clear of his average. A great round Ian.

A light turn out at South Worcester, only 3 of us in the frame. Li took the top spot. His score of 85 shows he is definately at his best at the moment. Len was runner up with 79 with Trev's 12b Auto again performing well with a superb 76.

Trevor took the Handicap prize by besating Li by 4 points. A thoroghly enjoyable day's shooting. Can I pass on my sincere thanks to each of you who pass on your squads scores to me. With your help we would not have ammassed over 15 years of continuous scores for ouyr happy band. Having reviewed our yearly scores, I can happily report that 6 of our original 2006 shooters are still attending regularly and enjoying our sport this year.


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