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Archived from October 27th

October 27th

An interesting shoot with quite a few stands re-engineered to add a bit more spice.

The breezy conditions livened up many of the high targets but this did not seem to hinder Bob Warder who simply destroyed 67 of them to log the best score achieved by a Dodger this year.

Len Sandford and Julian Wazczak shared the runner up spot by bringing down a healthy 61 targets each. Len pipped Julian to the Silver when the handicaps were added. Bob W also took the Handicap gold with Malcolm Speer taking the runner up spot with a superb 53 that beat his averge by over 8 breaks.

Another personal best of 50 by Matt Grogott took the handicap bronze.

South Worcester turned out to be quite eventful for your commentator. His trusty 23 year old Beretta auto finally bit the dust and he finished the course using a variety of borrowed guns.

Happily, it does not appear to be terminal but the locking mechanism is now 'Donald' meaning a job for Beretta I'm afraid.

Once again the rangey targets were very lively at Upton but close competition still ensued. After a recount, the top score was shared by Len S and Geoff Pomroy who both recorded a very creditable 81 breaks.

The handicap adjustment left Geoff with the Gold by a clear 8 points. Len took Silver and Matt Spencer took the Bronze. The Handicap Gold went to Matt who put in his best ever score on any sporting layout, A sign of things to come I reckon.

Handicap silver went to Geoff Pomroy with 'The Keeper of the Rabbit' (Trevor G) taking the bronze. A very interesting day's shooting all round with Matt's 79 easily taking 'the man of the match'.


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