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Archived from October 13th

October 13th

Some terrific scores in this week at H&W. Scratch winner by a proverbial mile was Geoff Pomroy who not only earned his '60 over 60' badge but put in a best score of 65 that has only been beaten once this year. He had only dropped one clay over his first 5 stands, us on his squad thought a 70 looked distinctly possible.

On the same card, He LI and Gary Griffiths each scored 61 but Li took the silver when handicap scores were added. Geoff's score also gave him the Handicap Gold with Trevor G a close running second. That 12g Auto of his is certainly doing the business.

Suzie Small put in another personal best for the year with her superb 54 taking the Handicap bronze on a memorable week when 4 guns all beat their average by 8 clear tagets. Great shooting everyone.

South Worcester gave us another great round of targets with Len equalling his personal best of 86 to take the Scratch title. Trevor G and Geoff Pomroy each scores 71 which gave Trevor the silver and Geof the bronze after handicap adjustment. Trevor easily won the Handicap top spot with a score that bettered his average by over 9 clear targets.

Len was runner up with John Griffiths taking the bronze. It was good to get Phil Collins behind the stock of his musket again. Having not shot for over 18 month's he definitely needed the practice. Did you hear that Phil? More practice........

See you next week, God willing.


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