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Archived from November 4th

November 4th

The latest lockdown means that Wednesday the 4th was to be the last shoot for at least a month. WIth Xmas creeping up, it is very worrying that the highlight event of the Dodgrs calender will be impossible to organise in our traditional manner.

The sad reality is that the ground could be liable for a £10k fine if it were reported that an 'event' had taken place involving more than 6 people. The only thing I can suggest is that we shoot our 75 targets in our usual squads and the scores are analysed as normal with a presentation arranged when the Clubhouse becomes available again. It's a situation that is out of our control so it is pointless trying to bend the legalities and try to carry on as normal. Any alternative suggestions will be welcomed but we must remain respectful of current legal restrictions.

Back to our last pre-lockdown shoot. Li put in an impressive 62. He shot consistently well just missing the odd one or two targets with no Bogey stand at all. (He lost one through a recount unfortunately). Well done Li.

The star of the morning was Handicap winner, Don Walford. He has only been shooting since August but his score of 46 (61%) placed him Handicap Winner by a street. With this kind of improvement, Don is a glowing example to all newcomers to our sport. Keep it up Don.

A good turnout down at South Worcester with a new face, (Jonathon Thornton), and a Dodger from 2007 (Paul Stokes) joining the usual suspects. The visitors gave us all a shooting lesson. Paul with his 85 and Jonathon with a 79. John Griffiths's 62% with his 28g easily took the handicap award. All grounds are now closed until at least the 2nd of December so take care everyone.

Try and keep fit and well.


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