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Archived from November 3rd

November 3rd

Apologies everyone,

I overlooked a set of scores on Wednesday that completely altered the complexion of the days H&W results. My fault, so, once again, sincere apologies.

I believe we had a record turnout with 26 results being returned for the day. There were quite a few disappointing this scores put in but also a handful of great ones. The high looper and fast quartering targets shot from the bank down at the far gate stand seemed to be the bogey for many of us, (me included). One squad of 4 reportedly only hit one between them. 7 shooters beat their average. Top gun was Bob Warder with a very respectable 61 with Simon Honeyborne putting in a mighty 58, his best score this year to take Silver.

The steadily improving Geoff Pomroy took Bronze with an excellent 57. Top of the handicap was Nigel Jordan who posted a rock solid 51 which narrowly pushed Simon H into his second silver spot of the day by a fraction of a point.

Steve Honner's 54 took the Handicap Bronze spot ,

Six of us at South Worcester enjoyed a fine afternoons sport.

Trevor's (now trusty) auto couldn't do a thing wrong. He abandoned us after 70 birds having hit 60 of them. (86% kill rate) We were well peeved about not getting the chance to wrestle his impressive lead back on the last three stands. Poor sportsmanship or what?

Geoff Pomroy took the runner up spot with another fine 78/100 with LI taking bronze with 73. Trevor's 86% beat his average by 21 targets so his handicap lead was always going to be unbeatable.

Handicap silver went to Geof Pomroy with Bronze going to John Griffith's beatiful little 28g. Well done John.

I should also mention a much improved round by Phil Collins. He started slowly but he now looks to be getting back into the swing of things. I feel we will now start seeing some good scores out of thatt old Beretta of his.

Re; Xmas, I propose that our Xmas shoot be scheduled for the 22nd of December this year. Can you let me know if this is a problem.


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