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Archived from November 23rd


A cool morning that chilled out more as the day progressed. Another super mix of targets that tested everyone at H&W with only one shooter beating their average this week.

Top gun was Bob Warder who's 59 beat Dave Salter by two kills. Three shooters tied for Bronze on 54. Gary Griffiths took the Bronze position from Geoff Pomrpy and Len Sandford on handicap adjustment. With only one shooter beating his average, the Handicap Gold was almost a walk over. Mark Reacord beat his average by over two kills and beat two very experienced shooters, (Bob Warder, and Gary Griffiths) into Silver and Bronze positions. A great result Mark. Keep it up.

A rapid drop in temperature caught a few out at our afternoon shoot at South Worcester. This resulted in a couple of early retirements. Scratch Gold went to Dave Salter with a super 79 targets destroyed. Len Sandford took the silver spot with 75 kills, Geoff Pomroy's 65 took the Bronze position. Handicap Gold went to Len who beat Dave Salter's Silver spot by 3 poits leaving the Bronze position to Trevor Griffiths Wrap up warm next week Ladies and Gentlememen.

Winter's on it's way.


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