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Archived from November 11th

October 28th

Not a promising outlook. A cold and breezy day but the forecast showers were brief and minimal.

A good turnout with 15 Dodgers making rollcall at Butlers and putting in a respectable average score of over 51 between them. Bob Warder took the scratch award again with a fine 61 though his scorers could do with learning from Bob's shooting accuracy.

They managed to add up an extra 5 targets for him. Robert Wilson put in a much improved 47 to take the Handicap award, beating Trevor's prolific 20g by 0.5 of a target.

A small squad at SW. where Len's 73% took high gun on a much-changed layout. Trevor's trusty 20 gauge took the handicap award. As usual, he proved that all targets were hittable and that, in shooting terms, size is definitely not everything. I managed to contact Eric Hall after shooting and found out that he, Peter Johnson, Howard Davies, and Chris Monk are all well and still shooting. They are doing a quiet round on Thursdays when the ground is less densely populated. They are all well and like the Wednesday regulars, have until now managed to keep the dreaded Covid 19 at arm's length. With Xmas threatening to be cancelled nationally, we need to give a little thought as to if and how we can get our traditional Shoot underway. Any ideas?

Message or WhatsApp me with any thoughts on 07836 367889.


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