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Archived from November 10th

November 10th

Domestic commitments kept your commentator away from his musket last week but some interesting results have come in.

Top Gun at Butlers was Bob Warder who put in a great 64 to beat Julian Wazczak by a single clay. I believe that Julian's Silver 63 was earned with his best ever Coffin Dodger score. Dave Nightingale's 56 took the scratch Bronze.

The Handicap Gold was easily won by Don Walford who beat his average by a clear 10 points. Now with a 58% kill rate behind him, Don now has to set himself new targets in every sense of the word. Julians 63 won him his second silver of the day as his score took the handicap runner up spot.

David Nightingale narrowly beat Bob Warder to take the second Bronze of the day.

Only 3 scores from SW but some fine results came in. Li won the scratch Gold with a fine 79.

Trevor put in another good result breaking 77, a mere 12 breaks better than his average. John Griffiths took the scratch Bronze but won the Handicap Gold with score of 69. This was 13 better than his average and only one clay behind his best this year. That little gun of his certainly breaks anything that Mr Clements can put in front of it.

Trevor was runner up with Li in the Bronze spot. I suggest the Xmas shoot follows the time honoured routine with the dodgers providing a spread, a competition, and a presentation afterwards. I have a kitty of almost £200 left over from our 2019 shoot which will need spending at some point. Bob J, any suggestions?


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