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Archived from May 5th

A wet and Sleety morning with that cold northerly wind still hanging in there. There were a couple of tasty stands that screwed up quite a few scorecards. I wrecked my card on the top pond and on high and low teals on the far stand.

The pills that Trevor is taking seem to be working well. He wore himself out breaking clays with his little 28g and reneged on his last two stands. He broke 46 targets from the 59 he shot. That was a 78% kill rate and the equivalent of 59 ex 75. Having won the Hadicap by 8 clear points,I ireckon we should get him dope tested before we allow him to start next week.

Suzi Small was handicap runner up with another excellent 53. Dave Salter took the high gun medal by shooting 2 clays more than Trevor's pop gun!

At South Worcester, Ian donned his magic waterproof trousers which made sure the rain held off. (we should all get a pair) We were joined by Paul Stokes who last shot with the Dodgers on January the 12th, 2007. He gave us all a free shooting lesson by breaking 85 ex 100 clays. (He seems to have come on a bit over the last 14 years) Len was runner up with 78 kills while Ian Edwards excellent 75 (shooting mainly simultaneous pairs) won him the Handicap winners medal.


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