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Archived from May 4th

May 4th.

An overcast day and a modest turnout but some very good scores in this week. This suggested that there was suddenly a marked improvement in our collective shooting ability or the targets were a little friendlier this week.

Next week's results will give us a clue. Scratch gold went to Bob Warder with a super 67. Len S. was a close rummer up just one target behind to take the Silver. Rhyddian Billingham took the Bronze with a fine 60. Following Trevor G's steady display of medal places with his trusty 20g, most of his squad bought out their 20g muskets this week to try and emulate his consistant high rankings. All was in vain as

Trevor's handicap score was still well clear. Dave Gee took the handicap Gold for the second time in a fourteen days. His shooting has progressed really well over recent weeks. Len and Rhyddian took the Handicap Silver and Bronze to match their scratch medal performances.

At South Worcester, Tony Gray is fast becoming the SW specialist. His fairly modest, (for him) 77 broken targets was good enough to take the scratch Gold position. Len was just one target behind to take the Silver. Treor Griffith's mighty 20g took the Bronze spot with an excellent score of 72. Trevor's score was good enough to take the handicap Gold by 3 clear Targets. Tony Gray took the silver spot while Jonathan Skelding took the Bronze medal place.


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