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Archived from March 31st

March 31st

It was great to be back last week and to note that most, if not all the Coffin Dodgers had prevailed.

We enjoyed a great shoot which was without doubt the best of the year so far. Lets hope that the rest of 2021 will not be interupted like the last 12 months.

I've spotted at least one positive but none that us noisy buggers should admit to. (My missus worked out the deadly bug has nicked a quarter of my shooting budget meaning spare cash)

It was great to see that Trevor had spent the lockdown preparing himself for the opening shoot. Sensibly, he chose to test his .410 and equalled his 2020 average, beating several experienced top bore shooters.

The scores were good with Dave nightingales 62 beating Len's 62 on handicap. Julian Shuker let one stand spoil his day and his 60 was a good third.

South Worcester was another fine excursion. The cream came to the top and Dave Salter gave us a free shooting lesson though his 82 left Tony Gray's 76 top gun on handicap. I've used last years average scores to re-set the handicap calculations. I hope it works..

Below is a carousel of photos from thr atrocious (weather wise) Christmas shoot. We weren't allowed indoors, so no buffet afterwards, though there were some pork pies and samosas on offer.


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