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Archived from June 7th


Once again we were a little thin on the ground this week with only 17 Dodgers putting in a score at Butlers.

It proved to be another tough course with only three shooters beating their average. Scratch Gold went to Dave Salter who's 58 kills beat Steve Honner into 2nd place by a single targets. Bob Warder filled the third spot with 54 broken clays. Steve Honner's 57 took the Handicap Gold. hitting 6 more targets than his average. Eric Hall who has put in some impressive improvements lately.(only a late score kept him out of the scratch frame this week) took the Silver spot. Eric put in a score that was 4.5 better than his average on a course that defeated 15 of his fellow shooters using the same yardstick. keep it uo Eric. Handicap Bronze place with the only other score to beat their average, went to ave Salter,

A big squad at South Worcester today and an eye opening result. Paul Stokes put in a masterful 91 broken targets to easily take the weekly Gold medal position. Runner up was Jonathan Skelding who's mighty little .410 pump action saw off every one else to easily take the Silver position. Yes, you read it right, a .410 pump action in JS's capable hands,beat all the 12b, 20b, and 28b muskets that turned up as competition. Well done Jonathan. Geoff Pomroy took the 3rd place with 73 kills. Handicap Gold medal place went to another small bore. John G's little 28g just keeps getting better. It gave John an 18 kills better than average score. Jonathans S's little .410 took the handicap Silver spot with Paul Stokes taking third place. Some superb shooting this week.


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