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Archived from July 7th

July 7th

A tough test last week as only three guns beat their average scores. Hardest target, (in my humble opinion) was the low right to left crosser on the far pond.

The very narrow window and the speed of the target made it impossible for this old bugger to get enough lead before the clay disappeared into the foliage.

Two scratch scores tied on a modest 55.but Gary Griffiths carried off the Gold with a handicap score just one above second place Julian Shuker.

Handicap winner was Curtis, a fresh face who is showing considerable promise. (can someone get Curtis's surname for me please)

Handicap runner up was Gary Griffiths.

Six of us tested the South Worcester layout and Paul Stokes's 85 ex 100 gave the rest of us a shooting lesson. Len's 77 took the rnner up spot. Paul also took the Handicap medal by one point from John Griffiths dependable and consistent 28g.

A great shoot on both grounds. an aside, If anyone wants one of our distinctive Coffin Dodgers Association badges for their shooting attire, get in touch with myself, (Len.Sandford) or Bob Jordan and we'll get you fixed up between us.

Cost is a modest £5.00 for those in stock but may cost slightly more for a fresh batch. Catch you all soon, and good shooting.


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