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Archived from July 12th


Only positive comments about the layout this week but with only Geoff Pomroy hitting the magic 60 score it must have had a couple of testing stands in there. Geoff took the scratch Gold medal, beating Drew Beaumont into the Silver position by 3 extra kills. Scratch Bronze was won by Simon Honeybourne who beat Gary Griffith's similar 56 on handicap adjustment. Drew won the Handicap Gold by beating his average score by over 7 targets. Handicap Silver was a tight affair but was won by Geoff Pomroy who beat Simon Honeybourne into the Bronze position by less than half a point.

Some cracking scores from South Worcester thisweek. Malcolm joined us again after a long break and popped in a top gun score of 91. Paul Stokes took the runner up spot with a superb 90 breaks.Scratch Bronze spot went to Geoff Pomroy with 83 broken targets. Once again, the handicap scores were right up there. John G took the Gold position by beating his average by a mighty 11.64 breaks. Aziz continues to improve and beat his average by 11.43 targets killed to take the Handicap runner up place. Geoff Pomroy filled in the third place by breaking 5 targets more than his average. Great shooting all round.


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