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Archived from January 5th

January 5th 2022 HAPPY NEW YEAR

A dry but cold day that gave us some good sport. In order to get a handicap rating, I have added an extra column showing each dodger's average score for last year. It's not perfect but it's better.

Top score came from Julian Waszczak with a Golden 67. Dave Salter and Len Sandford shared second spot, each with 64. Adding the handicap difference gave Len the Silver, leaving David with the Bronze. For the second week running.

David Gee took the Handicap Gold with the same score as last week. His 47 was 14 above his average. Another amazing score David. Suzie Small took the Silver with an adjusted 57. She only shot 74 targets and re-calculating the percentages gave her an extra kill. (the original score would not have altered the result).

Julian Waszczak's 67 gave him the Handicap Bronze. Some great scores.

South Worcester was far more civilised this week. No queues and everyone beat their average score. Top score was put in by Malcolm Sykes. His impressive 89 gave us all a shooting lesson and took the Gold medal. Dave Salter took the silver with a fine 86 and Len took the Bronze with a respectable 80. Dave Salter's 86 earned him the handicap Gold, while John Griffiths, just a tiny fraction behind, took the Silver. medal. Bronze was won by Geoff Pomroy who seems to be regularly in the medals these days.


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