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Archived from January 4th


The 1st shoot of the New Year proved to be a tester. The Handicap average was down by nearly 7 points telling us that some testing targets were in there.

Gold medal this week went to Julian Waszczak who's 52 kills equalled Bob Warder's but the handicap adjustment left Bob in the Silver spot. Bob Jordan took the third place with an excellent 51. Mark Reacord is quietly improving each week and takes the Handicap Gold medal again. Keep it up Mark.

Ian Edwards was the only other shooter to beat his average and took the Handicap silver place. Susie Small was pretty close to her average and took the Handicap Bronze place. Tony Gray took the Gold medal spot at

South Worcester with a superb 84 targets killed. Len was runner up, 3 points behind with Geoff Pomroy taking the Bronze position. Tony easily took the Handicap Gold spot shooting 9 above his average. Len was runner up, just nudging Geoff into third place by a fraction of a target.

All in all we had some testing shooting this week. particularly at Mr Butlers. Running the rabbit up the bank caught out quite a few of us while a couple of fast and distant crossers also spoiled some otherwise good scorcards. Many thanks to the groundsmen for putting on a super set of targets.


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