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Archived from January 24th


Good day everyone, Before I start my commentary, can I try and correct what I think was a blooper at our Xmas competition last month. It suspect that I may have mistakenly awarded our St Judes medal to the wrong person.  Either way, the person who won it did not recieve it and It was not one of the three medals I left the ground with. If you won a medal, can you check if you are holding the St Judes one instead of the one you won-

As another aside, Ian has agred to us placing a Collection Tin on the counter on the occasional Wednesday to allow any Dodgers with a charitable inclination to make a small contribution to our Xmas costs. The odd pound coin popped in the tin will soon mount up and hopefully cover everything we spend. This includes the 'thank you' gifts we distribute which are usually paid for by just a handful of our shooters. Any cash not used will either be carried over or donated to a suitable charity. Back to shooting.

 A dry and warm(ish) day for a change and some great performances once again from a mixed and relatively tricky set of targets. Top gun Gold was won by  Bob Warder with an excellent 64 targets dusted. A close runner up was Chris Arthur just a single target behind with 63 kills. Bronze place went to Len Sandford who popped in a very pleasing 62 hits. Some inspired Handicap performances again.  Gold went to Mark Reacord who  beat his average (that included his 2023 average) by over 8 and a half points. Handicap runner up was Dave Nightingale, just half a target behind. Handicap Bronze position was won by Eric Hall who beat his average by over 6 points. Well shot Eric.

Some difficult targets at South Worcester. No problem for the mighty 28g of John Griffiths. He took the scratch top spot by  easily beating the two 12b guns set against him. Tony Gray was runner up with  Len Sandford taking the wooden spoon. The handicap results mirrored the scratch positions.  


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