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Archived from January 19th

January 19th

19.01.2022. A dissappointing set of scores again I felt. Only 2 scores over 60 and the lowest average score this year.

Full credit to Dave Salter though. His excellent 65 easily took the day's Gold medal, Simon Honeybourne's 61 took the scratch Silver with Bob Warder's 60 taking the Bronze.

A new name on the Handicap Gold this week Drew Beaumont beat his previous best score by a massive 12 points. Well done Drew. Handicap Silver went to Malcolm Speer who beat his average by a clear 5 points, Great shooting Malcolm. Dave Salter's scratch winning score also earned him the Handicap Bronze.

Dave was unbeatable again at South Worcester. He made the targets look easy and took another Scratch Gold with his superb 87 broken clays. Len took the Silver with a pleasing 81 shattered targets. Geoff Pomroy earned the Bronze with a score of 79, his best so far this year.

Dave's Gold winning scratch score also earned him the Handicap Gold. Trevor's mighty 20b proved it's worth again by taking the Handicap Silver. Geoff's 79 earned him the Handicap Bronze to go with his scratch award.

Good to have Phil Collins back on the scorecard. again. I know he really enjoys his shooting but work priorities have frustrated his sporting activities for most of the last year. Lets hope he's allowed out to play a little more often. He's definitely earned it.


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