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Archived from January 17th


Apologies to the squad who I thought were late getting scores in. They actually gave me their scorecard as I left the ground on the day of the shoot. I'd forgotten and their card had found it's own little hiding place on the back seat of my truck.

Once again, some interesting results this week  Only a couple of scores above 60 but some other impressive totals with 8 shooters beating their handicap by over 5 points. Top gun by 5 targets was Julian Waszczak who broke some seriously difficult targets with his score of 67. Silver place went to Bob Jordan who has started the year with some super shooting. Scratch Bronze place was taken by Drew Beaumont with an excellent 59 broken targets. A superb 45 by Mark Reacord took the handicap Gold by one and a half targets.

The runners up were a bigger problem. For the very first time ever, I had to seperate two identical handicap scores.. Allowing a third decimal point to the handicap calculations saved the day. Dave Gee took the Handicap Silver  by just one thousanth of a point from Julian's scratch score. (Both were on 86.98 with 2 decimal places).

South Worcester put on several testing stands as usual. One in particular yeilded just 9 kills from 46 attempts with the top three scorers managing just 3 kills from 30 shots.  There was much profanity.about.  Jonathan Skelding took the scratch Gold position with 73 kills. It was matched by Geoff Pomroy but handicap difference left Geoff With second place. Placed third was Gary Griffiths who was just a single target behind them.  Handicap topspot, once again, went to John Griffith's super 28g which beat his average by over 5 targets. Jon Skelding was runner-up with Geoff Pomroy filling in handicap third. It would be nice to try and hit those crossers again this week. Are you reading John?


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