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Archived from January 12th

January 12th 2022

1Scores were average this week, however, we did get one pretty smart 66 put in by Malcolm Sykes, one of the regular South Worcester shooters who has recently joined both our squads. He takes the Gold medal, beating Bob Warder's 63 into the Silver spot. Bob Jordan took the Bronze medal with a creditable 61. Looking forward to some keen competition from Mr. Sykes. Finding a handicap winner was not easy.

Trevor Griffith's mighty 20g took the Gold medal by a narrow 0.12 of a point from Mike Lee Lambert. Nigel Jordan took the Bronze spot just 0.05 of a point behind Mike. Well done all of you.

South Worcester had set out a modified course that gave us a few interesting stands. Even more so when taken as simultaneous pairs. Len took the Gold with a satisfying, if flukey 82, which beat Malcolm Sykes's by two targets. Bronze went to Dave Salter who's 76 was 5 below par for him. Len also took the handicap Gold with Geof Pomroy taking the Silver. Trevor's 20g stayed amongst the medals by taking the SW Handucap Bronze.

We could do with a couple more shooters down at South Worcester to give us two full squads. I promise you'll enjoy it.


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