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Archived from February 2nd

February 2nd

Some good scores in this week. Bob Warder made his presence felt again with a bosting (forgive the pun) 68 which easily took the scratch Gold and was his best score of the year to date.

Silver was taken by David Talbot with a massively improved 65 tagets broken. It might have been a 66 but for his squad only shooting 74 targets. It looks like they all missed out the full use single.

Julian Waszczak took the Bronze with 63 Kills. The handicap results were even more impressive. Dave Talbot took the Gold with a score 12 targets better than his avrerage. while Ed Loft's 49 was the best score he had ever recorded and beat his average by 11 broken clays.

The outstanding handicap scores were continued by Robert Wilson who's 48 hits was his best score this year and beat his average by 8 clear targets. A phenomenal set of Handicap results which show the kind of personal improvements that can be achieced on the right day.

Only three of us attended South Worcester last week so everyone earned two medals. Len reverted back to tighter chokes an comfortably took the scratch Gold with a flattering 86 targets broken.

Trevor's mighty 20b took the Silver with a years best to date of 81 kills. John G's 57 gave him the third spot. Trevor took the Handicap Gold, beating his average by 10 clear points. Len took Silver and John G took the second bronze.

Can I remind everyone to send me their sores as either an email to or a text summary or photo of their card to Len's phone on 07836 367889.

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