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Archived From December 8th

December 8th

Plenty of Dodgers decided to have a lie in this week. The weather forecast was for rain and gale-force winds, not to mention a temperature of 4 degrees.

The rain held off but the cold wind certainly made the day interesting. Given the conditions, to have 4 scores in the sixties was amazing. with the Gold Medal going to Simon Honeyborne who put in a new personal best of 65, that's over 86% of targets broken.

Silver went to Bob Warder with another cracking 64. third place was tied between David Nightingale and Geoff Pomroy with the medal going to David on handicap adjustment. Simon's 65 also narrowly took the handicap gold from Don Walford's 12 above average score of 47. Dave Nightingale took the bronze with his 6 above average 61 breaks.

I was a few scores missing and will update the tables if they turn up in the next couple of days.

The inclement weather meant that South Worcester was almost deserted. Only four of us put in an appearance and no one beat their average score. Len took the Gold spot with a windblown 78. Geoff Pomroy took the silver after leading at the last stand and finishing with 69. (check out the maths!).

Trevors mighty 410 ran up a modest 54 for bronze but once again proved that it could break any target on the ground. Handicap scores replicated the scratch results.

I did the Hodnet fixture I mentioned a week or so ago. If any Dodgers really want to test themselves, I thoroughly recommend this ground. There is a great mix of targets and facilities that match our own super setup at H&W. Xmas shoot in 2 weeks.


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