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Archived from December 7th


Brass Monkeys weather last week but we still managed to put in some good scores. Gary Griffiths has improved massively during the year and is taking some beating these days. Last week was not to be one of them. A great 66 put him in Gold medal position by two points from Dave Salter with Geoff Pomroy's 63 beating Bob Warder's similar score into bronze position on handicap difference. Gary's scratch score was 10 above his average which also gave him the Handicap top spot by a clear margin. Geoff Pomroy took the Silver position with David Nightingale, scoring 5 above his average to take the Bronze position. Great shooting Dave.

Trevor Griffiths worked a right flanker at South Worcester. Yes, it was bitter cold but to pop in a 9 ex 10 on the first stand and then cry off 'cos it was too cold was a bit of a cheek. Trevor retired to the club house where he entertained a couple of very attractive young ladies for the rest of the afternoon. His average 90% would have taken the scratch and handicap top spot but as it represented less than half his potential score, I'll address the rest of the results a bit more sympathetically.

Geoff Pomroys 88 was his year's best and took the scratch and Handicap top spot on the day. Scratch Silver went to Len with 84 while Bronze position was taken by Tony Gray with 75 tagets broken. Handicap Silver was won by John Griffiths who broke 9 more than his average. Bronze place went to Len with 4 better than average.

Christmas shoot next week with our usual crop of medals to be won including one for the highest visitor if you wish to bring one along. See you all soon.


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