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Archived from December 28th


A busy day at Butlers last week. Car park was packed but quite a few Dodgers didn't fancy the predicted windy and wet conditions. Low scores were the order of the day.

Julian Waszczak took scratch Gold with a score of 58, with Len Sandford taking silver just one target behind. Dave Nightingale just beat Rhiddian Billingham to the Bronze medal on handicap difference, both scored 55. Dave Gee and Mark Reacord both continued to improve their handicap perfomances with Dave narrowly taking Gold. Bronze went to Dave Nightingale who beat his average by over 3 points.

South Worcester's targets were lively to say the least. Len Sandford took the scratch Gold from Geoff Pomroy with Dave Salter taking the Bronze. Handicap medals were won in the same order.

Can I now thank all of the current Dodgers for their continued support and keeping the spirit of the Butlers Coffin Dodgers Association alive and well for yet another year. I can only guess at the true age of our group but can verify that I have been associated with the CDA for at least 20 years. Trevor Griffiths, and Nigel Jordan were active participents long before I was introduced. In 2005, at the rquest of John Young, I created the original spreadsheet and started recording the scores. Our first complete year being 2006. This was a tedious affair that required the collection of completed individual cards from teams after shooting. This could have been any time between 11.30am to 1.00pm. Patience was indeed a virtue in those days and for many years Trevor Griffiths looked after this weekly chore and produced a humorous critique of the mornings events.

Our afternoon South Worcester shoots began around 2010 and by 2012 were added to our scoresheets. With the new year about to start and myself now in my 80th year, I was wondering if anyone out there fancied taking up the scoring reins and keeping our traditions alive and well. there's no rush, but keep it in mind and stop me for a chat if you want to informally check out what's involved. All that remains for now, is for your commentator to wish every Coffin Dodger, both active and retired, a happy and prosperous New Year and much improved scores as an added Bonus during 2923. Once again, thanks everyone.


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