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Archived from December 23rd

December 23rd CHRISTMAS SHOOT.

Despite pouring rain and a cold northerly wind, 18 brave souls collected for the CDA Xmas shooting competition. We were just 6 down on last year but considering the trauma's and lockdowns of 2020, that was very a satisfying result.

Trevor wasn't able to make it but sent us a message wishing that he could. It was a cold and shivering bunch who met for the results. Fortunately, the ground had erected a small outside marquee we were able to make timely use of this shelter to collate and analyse the scores. (it also allowed us to consume the samosas and pies which had appeared by magic at the end of the shoot.

When assembled, the group asked that their collective best wishes be sent to Trevor and that he was wished a speedy recovery and a rapid return to the ground.

Shooting conditions had been dire and the scores were generally lower. The individual scorecards however, indicated that there had been keen competition amongst each squad with no runaway scores. The

Handicap gold medal was won by Steve Honner who beat his average by 14 points. He also took the St Judes award for the Most Improved Shooter. His average score for his first 4 shoots at the beginning of the year were virtually half his latest scores..He is a natural.

Matt Spencer and Geoff Pomroy took the Silver and Bronze. handicap medals respectively. Scratch Gold was won by Julian Wazczak. His 61 beat the runner up, Len Sandford, by a single point with the always competetive Bob Jordan taking the Bronze with 57 kills. The top score amongst the visitors was Jonathon Thornton's excellent 57. The CDA Serendipity award was went to David Nightingale for raisng his hand when a volunteer was needed to ensure squad cards needed help with distribution and their contents being returned to Mr Povall, the webmeister. The Serendipity award to our host cliub could only go to one person but we are all aware that it's great teamwork and good management that brings us our shoot every week. Shane may have became the chosen one for keeping targets flying through rain and shine, but a big thank you to the entire H&W team. Lets hope that next year brings back a bit of normality but in the meantime, have a good Xmas everyone and stay safe.


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