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Archived from December 1st

December 1st

Some high scores this week. Plenty of Dodgers were in the mood for good shoot. Shane however, left us wanting. He demonstrated his mathematical prowess by giving us just 73 targets to get annoyed with again this week.

I've adjusted the scores by using my own maths skills by recalculating the numbers supplied into percentages and rounding the fractions up or down. Some of you won two more hits and others just one. Basically, anyone getting 75% or better won 2 extra hits while 25-74% scores got an extra 1.

Top gun was Bob Jordan with a 63 while Steve Honnor's 60 beat Geof Pomroy's 60 on handicap to take the Silver. Geof won the Bronze. Don Walford won the handicap gold by beating his average by 13. A great improvement Don. Malcolm Speer was a close runner up and won the silver. The bronze went to Steve Honnor. On the handicap front, a couple of other excellent scores are worth a mention. Suze beat her average by 9 and Bob Jordans winning scratch score beat his average by 8. A great set of results all round.

A cold day at Upton. Len's 82 took scratch gold with a new face, Martin Newton Mason, the runner up with 77. Geof Pomroy took the Bronze with 73. No sparkling handicap results. Len beat his average by two to take top spot while Geof matched his average for Silver leaving Peter Bissimire to take the Bronze. I hope I've got all the scores up this week, Apologies to Geoff Pomroy and Steve Honner for missing them off last week. scores.


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