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Archived from December 16th

Firstly, I've spoken to Trevor several times since he came out of hospital and each time he has asked me to pass on his best wishes to everyone and to thank his friends for all thier kind words and messages of support that he finds most encouraging.

His recovery is slow but he is steadily improving and his next milestone will be when he can get back into his car and sort out his own transport arrangements. He has a close circle of friends who are helping him out at the moment. He hopes to be back amongst us in the new year.

Back to the shooting. We had miserable weather but we enjoyed a good set of testing targets. A pair up the steps a the far end of the main pathway defeated most but not this week's champion,

Dave Salter. Dave dusted five of his six targets and took the scratch gold medal with a cracking 59 kills. He beat the runner up, David Nightingale, by 4 kills. Steve Honnor walked away with the handicap award after putting in his best ever score of 54.

A brilliant round and at this rate,I'm sure there are great things to come from Steve. No South Worcester this week. A weather casualty I'm afraid.

Despite Covid restrictions, we are expecting a good turnout for next weeks Xmas shoot on the 23rd. We shall once again have the occasion photographically recorded by Lord Hewell of Brockhill, AKA Keith Povall. the CDA webmaster. whho updates our results and newsletter every week. We are eternally grateful to him. Regarding the shoot, we cannot use the indoor facilities so we must stay outside and respect the recommended 'Hands, Face, and Space', guidelines.

The absence of any weather protection makes an outdoor spread too risky so the refreshments table has been suspended this year.

To help several people with domestic commitments get away, we hope to get all the results into a laptop and analysed bu 12.30. This should enable us to distribute the medals and wrap up the occasion by 1.00pm. We are usually invited to stay over and shoot a little Skeet or ABT afterwards. I'll explore this on the day and find out what disciplines are available.


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