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Archived from December 15th

December 15th

Big day next week, Xmas shoot.

If the weather is clement, (or even if it is not), I suggest we do our awards outside again where the risk of cross-contamination is much less.(who needs the bug over Xmas).

It pee'd down last year but we prevailed.. I've included Ian in this message as his thoughts will, I'm sure, be close to mine.

Some spectacular scores this week until I realised that everyone had shot 77 targets. To the setup squad, we enjoy a couple of extra targets but, we pay for them and it still requires a far.more complicated mathematical equation to correct the percentages than it does to count the clays per stand.

I've done another adjustment that sees those with scores over 50% win two kills while those below lose 1. With averages, adjusted scores, the star of the day was Ed Loft who's handicap-winning score beat his average by over 9 points. If that is not a massive improvement, then nothing is. Well done Ed. Runner up was Bob Warder who's match score of 67 also took the scratch gold medal. An ace score Bob.

Handicap bronze was taken by Julian Wazczak who also took the scratch silver. He Li took Bronze with a superb 59.

South Worcester produced the result of the day, Geoff Pomeroy's 90 beat his average by 16 points to take the scratch and Handicap gold. 90% hits on this ground is an achievement that only the very best club members achieve, I keep saying it lately, but Geoff is becoming a class shooter. Len managed a satisfying 87 to take scratch silver with Li just 1 point behind to take the scratch bronze. Handicap Silver went to He Li with Trevor and his long-neglected 20g taking the bronze. I need not remind you that Xmas regalia is not only in order, but welcomed next week.. Keep an eye on the site as Ian might have some comments.


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