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Archived from December 14th


Another cold one but as I write the ice and snow are turning to slush. Hope everything clears up for our last pre-xmas shoot.

Some massive scores in this week which must have given a few Dodgers a great uplift for the annual Xmas competition next week. Two shooters tied for top spot with 66 recorded kills. Bob Warder, always one of our top shooters can be relied on to be up there but this week his 66 was eclipsed by a similar mind blowing effort from Simon Honeybourne who's matching score was his best ever and easily took this weeks scratch Gold medal. Incredible shooting Simon, and hard luck Bob after another great score that usually outguns eveyone.

Bronze this week went to Bob Jordan who I suspect has bought himself some new glasses and popped in a superb 64 this week. Great shooting Mr Jordan's. Handicap gold was easily taken by the scratch winner who beat his average by 11 broken clays. Dave Nightingale popped in his best score this year to take the handicap silver spot with 61 broken targets, 9 above his average. Great shooting David. Bob Jordan took the Handicap bronze spot breaking his average by almost eight targets. Brilliant shooting Bob.

South Worcester put on another testing range of targets. Top scratch went to Tony Gray with a solid 81 hits. Geoff Pomroy's 79 took the Silver spot with Len taking third place 77 hits. Handicap winner was Trevor Griffiths who found it difficult to finish the shoot in the cold conditions. Despite that, he broke 74 targets and beat his average by 7 clear targets. A great shoot Trevor. Handicap Silver went to Tony Gray who beat his own average by 6 points, leaving Geoff Pomroy to thake the handicap Bronze spot still over 2 targets above his average. Another super shoot.

Xmas shoot at Butlers on Wednesday the 21s of December. Keith our webmeister, would like a photo of everyone for our site records so can we all collect in the car park to allow him to indilge before we starting shooting.


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