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Archived from August 2nd


With storms forecast, it was no surprise that we were thin on the ground at Butlers and South Worcester this week.

No score records were broken.Your commentator found out the hard way that he is suffering from a torn left shoulder ligament. He couldn't hold his gun level for any crossers and found out the hard way that he needs to give his musket a rest for a couple of weeks to see if it gets any better. Back to business.

Top score this week was a lowly 52, (69%.). I felt that one stand was worthy of the infamous 'extreme day' competition and was not a best choice for us average shooters. Julian Waszczak was top gun with the aforementioned 52 ex 75. Bob Warder was a single target behind to take the Silver spot with Bob Jordan another 2 targets behind taking the scratch Bronze position. Handicap scores were much better, Mark Reacord easily won the Handicap Gold, beating his own average by over 6 targets. Handicap Silver spot went to Suzanne Small who almost achieved her own average score. Bob Jordan missed his own average score by a single target.

No rain but just three shooters at S.W. with Paul Stokes taking topspot..Len took runner up place witha score of 73 with John Griffiths bringing up the rear with 62. That score gave John the Handicap Gold place. Paul beat Len by the narrowest of margins to take the Silver position. With a sore shoulder, I'm getting away again for the next two weeks to finish off my caravan summer in PadStein but keep the scores coming in and keep enjoying the targets.


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