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Archived from August 16th


What a difference a week makes. Apart from a single comment about an invisible fast crosser from a shooter who described the stands as ' good, there was only Universal praise for the highly modified course this week.

Scores were tremendous with 11 shooters beating their average, No Birds were scarce and the top scorer, Chris Arthur, beat his previous best score this year by no less than 7 extra breaks. A Brilliant shooting exhibition Chris. Scratch runner up was 'back in form' Bob Jordan with a super 61 which beat Dave Salter into the Bronze position by a single target. Chris's magnificent scratch score won the Handicap topspot by an unassailable 8 points. Bob Jordan took the Handicap Silver place, just beating David Nightingale by a fraction of a Clay. Your comments this week suggest a great, well thought out shoot was enjoyed by all this week. Well done Shane.

Thin on the ground at South Worcester but hopefully a stronger team next week as your commentator will be back from his extended West Country holiday. Despite the high crossers causing mayhem on the scorecards, the scores were close.. Tony Gray took the scratch honours with 70% of his targets broken.with Jon Skelding just a single break behind. John G's little 28g was far from disgraced with 64% shattered. That 64 took the handicap topspot by over 4 points. Well shot John. Jonathan Skelding took the handicap Silver position leaving Tony in the handicap bronze.


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