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Archived from August 11th

August 11th

A great day for shooting, waterproofs expected but not needed. Bob Warder demonstrated his mastery of the H&W ground with a solid 66 kills. This is the best score this year to date. Brilliant score Bob.

Runner up on 63 was Dave Salter who I can confirm smacked most of the difficult birds yet missed several sitting ducks. The handicap was easily taken by Trevor Griffith's 28g which once again proved itself more than a match for most 12 bore guns.

I suppose that I must allow a little of the handicap credit to dribble into Trevor's lap. He does have an annoying habit of demonstrating that size is not everything when it comes to bore size.

Handicap runner up was Bob Warder. His excellent scratch card was 1.5 points behind Trevor's handicap winning performance.

A light turnout at South Worcester but an enjoyable shoot. Len took high gun with 77 ex 100 broken clays but credit, once again has to go to Trevor who's runner up score of 66 easily took the Handicap gold from John Griffiths. Great targets, It's a pity a few more of us can't share the enjoyment.


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