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Archived from April 7th

April 7th

Great set of targets though I had some pretty shifty scorecards where the misses did not match the kills.

I think what we have is now correct. Can I explain, no matter how many you shoot, as lomg as I have the number of targets shot and the number of kills, I can average out the scores.

Trevor is still recovering from his surgery and couldn't manage the full course so his core was averaged. If you want a 60 over 60 badge or any other score recognition award you need to shoot at least the 75 target course.

I've often thought of retirimg early after straighting the first 2 stands but it wouldn't qualify as a straight '75.

Bloody cold on Wednesday but everyone seemed to have wrapped up warm. A couple of fresh shooters with us this week. Li's mate, Chen is a promising new member. He shot well and beat his fellow countryman by 11 clays.

Li needs to get back on form or he won't be bringing Chen much longer.

We had a new top gun today. Ian Edwards was our top scorer many years ago and found his fom this week to beat Gary Griffiths by a single kill. Gary is now back in form and his 60 was his best score on our ground and took the Handicap medal.

South Worcester was another tricky course but Len prevailed with an 80% score that beat the Butlers Champ by a mere 13 clays. Being the handicap winner did not cheer Ian up after his elation at H&W.


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