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Archived from April 14th

April 14th

IAnother great mixed set of targets at Butlers this week. I had trouble with a couple of the faster ones which quite upset mine (and a couple of others) scorecards.

I was impressed by the high scores returned. In particular, Suzi Small seemed to have been inspired by Rachael Blackmore, (the National winning jockey) and put in a great 52 which indicates she is now getting back to her best form.

Trevor G's .410 'spud gun' put in a creditable 47 kills proving that size is not everything when it comes to destroying targets. Well done, both of you. Amongst the rest, Malcolm Speer walked away with the Handicap medal. I had to go back 4 years to make sure he hadn't put in a 'best ever' score. His 58 kills missed that accolade by a single point. He's certainly remembered where to point his gun for results!.

Bob Jordan was also at his impressive best. His 62 kills took the weeks scratch Gold medal, he was also the handicap runner up. Scratch runner up went to Gary Griffiths who's 61 is his best score to date with the CDA. Great to see you getting back to your best Gary, it's been a frustratingly long time coming.

We were short handed at a busy South Worcester, After shooting well at Butlers in the morning, Trevor once again demonstrated that he and his little .410 could destroy all the high and rangy targets at S.W. Honours were shared over the scores with Len S's 82 taking the scratch prize with Tony Gray's 77 taking the Handicap. An excellent days shooting.

Ps, I'm sure I'm a couple of scores missing this week. If they turn up, i'll amend the scoresheet.


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