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Archived from April 13th

April 13th.

Great to see Simon Honeybourne back from his skiing holiday intact. I had ribbed him by asking for a photo of his plaster cast. He took the joke well and proved that he knows how to ski as well as he knows how to shoot.

The new layout was still catching a few of us out this week. Personally, I found the right to left looper over the back of the pond particularly elusive. Bob Warder took the scratch Gold with a fine 63 broken targets. The same squad also produced the Silver medallist when Matt, (surname required) put in an excellent 61.

Bronze went to Gary Griffiths who's handicap addition beat the other two similar scores of 56. The handicap results had a familiar feel to them this week with Malcolm Speer retaining last weeks Gold medal with an even better score that was a superb 8 above his average. Gary Griffith's new auto continued to perform and once again earned him the handicap Silver medal. Bob Warder beat his average by three kills to take the handicap Bronze.

A better performance by the South Worcester squad this week with Len breaking an impressive 88 clays to take the Gold spot by a considerable margin. A tie of 77 saw the scratch Silver be awarded to Tony Gray who beat Geoff Pomroy by the narrowest of margins when the handicap was added. Geoff took the Bronze. Len's score beat his average by over 7 points and also took the handicap Gold. Handicap Silver was won by Tony Gray who's score beat Trevor Griffith's by just 6 one hundreths of a point. Trevor took the handicap bronze.

A better performance at both grounds this week. Let's keep it up.


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