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Archived from April 12th


A bitter cold wind and steady rain showers kept many dodgers in in their beds this week. Such were the elements that several who braved the trip to the ground gave up and went home after a couple of stands. I don’t blame them as the conditions were dire.

To have described the long, high targets as 'testing' and 'lively' would have been a gross understatement. Do not blame the ground crew. They could not have predicted the weather.

Bob Warder's 57 was well worth the scratch Gold medal. Gary Griffiths took the Silver place with 53 broken clays. Geoff Pomroy took the third place on handicap differnce after tieing with Len Sandford, with 50 targets each. Bob's score also earned him the Handicap Gold. His was the only score that beat his average. Simon Honeybourne took the handicap runner up place by achieving a score that was just half a target below his average. Mark Reacord was a very close third. A testing morning for everyone.

Afternoon conditions at South Worcester were considerably worse than at Mr Butlers. It rained heavily until after 2pm when it slowed down sufficiently to allow the bravest of our squad to start shooting. 5 icy cold and windswept stands later, just halfway around the course, I was ready to call it a day but with a sheltered section ahead, we pressed on and completed the course. Geoff Pomroy took the scratch topspot wit 76 broken clays with Tony Gray just one target behind. Len managed to break 73. Top on handicap was Tony Gray, with Geoff and Len in second and third place. On reflection, only the most dedicated and daftest enjoyed last weeks shooting. Let's hope for some decent weather soon.


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