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August 5th

Not in attendance last week and languishing in Cornwall with a few bottles of wine, wishing my life away..

Bob Warder was high gun with 60 ex 75 but star of the day was David Nightingale who beat his average by 5 to easily take the handicap medal.

Heard on the grapevine that Ian Edwards's famous 'no pressure' stripped him of several good stands. It's no good complaining Ian, you started it!. South Worcester proved too hot for both Trevor and John Griffiths, Seems like both succumbed to heat fatigue about halfway round. Another rumour is that the 'Keeper of the Rabbit' is turning into a bit of a ladies man. After charming Mrs Sandford into providing him with sustenance on shooting days,

it would appear that he has also been taking Quadbike lessons from the lovely Becky at SW. A strong rumour prevails that he recently disappeared into the sunset with Becky riding pillion and was not seen to return. Hmmmm. What is our lothario up to I wonder? He definitely is not taking shooting lessons.

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