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Archived from July 29th

July 29th

Just a brief summary this week, the writer is currently caravanning in the middle of Padstow harbour and looking forward to getting his musket out of its box in the next few weeks.

An interesting set of results, however. Steve Honnor was on something stronger than aspirin last week, he scores 15 above his previous average to leave everyone trailing by at least 12 shots.

Scratch medal was shared by Geof Pomroy, Bob Jordan, ang Bob Warder. They all scored 53 which suggested another testing set of targets this week.

High gun and handicap winner at South Worcester was Tony Gray with another consistent 75/100. Trevor G and John G each scored 73 to tie the handicap runner up.

A few scores have been missing for the last few weeks {not just mine}, Can someone have a word with Gary Griffith's squad and ask them to get their results to me so that their scores can be recorded for posterity.

A photo on a phone works perfectly. Just message the picture to Len Sandford on 07836 367889.July 22nd.

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