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Archived from July 22nd

Several scores not returned last week. Can you pass on your scorecard to David Nightingale after shooting if at all possible.If you can't, can you just photograph it with a smartphone and message the picture to Len Sandford on 07836 367889.

I'm not able to attend this Wednesday to correct the situation. (David, can you help?) The writer is unable to comment on last Wednesday's shoot as he was busy fighting the elements at sea. Of the scores returned, it looked a very close run contest with Trevor G's 56 just beating Simon Honeyborne by a single target with Malcolm Speer being pipped by another single target.

Malcolm's 54 took the handicap medal. Tony Gray took the High Gun at South Worcester with an excellent 75 ex 100 targets. Trevor's performance has improved markedly since he released his 12b muskets from their isolation a couple of weeks ago.

At SW, he was just 3 targets behind Tony Gray with John Griffiths just one target adrift with a corrected score of 71% from his 48 ex 68. (His best score for almost 18 months).

John took the Handicap award. Several of us are attending the funeral of an old shooting buddy next Wednesday so we will be conspicuous by our absence.

As a young man, Andrew Collins suffered crippling injuries from a serious motorcycle accident, With the help of his devoted wife, Ruth, he was able to enjoy his life, and particularly his shooting to the full. We shall be at Throgmorton Crematorium at 12.00 to wish him a fond last farewell..

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