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Archived from June 17th

June 17th

Hi everyone, didn't get all the scores this week. Bob Warder's squad didn't report in so the only thing I can report with confidence are the SW results which showed Len with a creditable 79% being both Handicap and Highest scratch score.

SW has lots of space so their targets tend to be a little bit faster and further away. They are definitely different and excellent practice for those clays where Gareth gets carried away.

Another good day's shooting at Butlers on Wednesday. The aforementioned Coursemeister once again found us a distant and difficult bird down the bottom field. My squad popped 20 shots at it and Gary Griffith was the only person to hit one. (Well done Gary, and thanks for showing it was a fluke by missing your last four}.

Of the scores we had, Rob Perrins won the handicap medal while Len Sandford's modest 56 was the best score recorded. I'll try and get the outstanding scores posted this week.

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