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Archived from June 10th

June 10th

Before reporting a scores summary this week I will explain how they are adjusted when 100 rather than 75 targets are shot. I am keeping to the 75 bird score format by taking the scores for 100 and dividing them by 0.75.

I have the same issue at SW. Their new layout is for 80 targets rather than our traditional 100. I convert it to a percentage by dividing the score by 80 and multiplying by 100. I round up unless the remaining fraction is less than 0.5, in which case, i round down. Both methods keep scores and performances in line with our historic tables.

Another good day's shooting on Wednesday. Gareth at Redditch and Becky at South Worcester both put on a good shoot. Gareth in particular, let us off lightly by dropping a few targets which proved troublesome last week.

His moderation was amply reflected in the scores as six Dodgers put in their best score this year and everyone shot better than their average. I cannot recollect a similar situation ever happening before. Top gun was Bob Warder who popped in a blistering 91/100, which beat his average percentage by 12.

Handicap winner by a proverbial mile was Trevor G. who scored 19points above his average percentage. He must have seriously chastised his 12b this week as it was on its very best behaviour. Just 4 Dodgers at S.Worcester this week. Dave Salter headed the scores with a cracking 85%, The handicap was a tight match with Len S just shaving John Griffiths by 0.25% of a target. Can't wait for a re-match next week.

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